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Naturaleza para una cápsula sostenible
Wolstton Specialty Coffee

A sustainable and compostable capsule – Wolstton coffee

Wolstton’s capsule: a superior example of sustainability.

We tell you 3 very special details about it with which we get our sustainable capsule.

The coffee industry has been affected in recent years by major problems, such as climate change, as well as social and economic problems that lead to the impoverishment of the sector.

In addition, the appearance of coffee in aluminum capsules has brought another incentive to the impact that coffee consumption has on a social and ecological level.

A recyclable capsule coffee

From the beginning we have considered that the solution to the sustainability of recyclable capsules is not simply aluminum and, therefore, recyclable, since this recycling is carried out in a very low percentage. And we depend on 100% of consumers who can and want to do it.

So we thought we had to tackle the problem from the bottom up. We tell you 3 key aspects that make our coffee capsules sustainable.

  1. The solution is not to mix organic materials (coffee) with plastics and metals in the same product. Our proposal is the biodegradable and compostable capsule, made with organic material and that decomposes under composting conditions in about 12 weeks, becoming, together with the coffee it contains, fertilizer or “compost”. In this way, Wolstton’s recyclable capsules are “self-recyclable” and do not generate a negative impact on nature, quite the contrary.
  2. Some manufacturers comment that the organic material used for compostable capsules does not preserve coffee as well as aluminum, but there are already state-of-the-art capsule solutions that are 100% compostable and 100% barrier (waterproof) that preserve coffee in a completely efficient way. . This capsule is the one adopted by Wolstton to offer our coffees and with which 18 months of conservation of the product are guaranteed. To guarantee maximum conservation, before sealing the capsule, an “oxygen sweep” is carried out, the oxygen from the coffee is completely eliminated, which is the cause of its oxidation and deterioration, instead we incorporate nitrogen, a protective neutral gas that allows the conservation of coffee.
  3. It is noteworthy that even the nitrogen used for the conservation of our sustainable capsule comes from a sustainable source generated in the factory itself through the compression of atmospheric air.

Sustainable and biodegradable capsule

At Wolstton Coffee we work so that our coffees are sustainable in all aspects. From the selection of the harvest and the extraction methods, through the packaging and of course, the sustainable capsule. Choosing sustainable and biodegradable encapsulations that create a minimum of waste; allowing us to continue caring for our planet every step of the way.

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