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Camanay para los amantes del café
Wolstton Specialty Coffee

Coffee capsule for true coffee lovers

A somewhat “controversial” question:

can you prepare good coffee using capsules?

The answer is simple: yes. That’s why Wolstton’s coffee capsules are perfect for coffee lovers.

Logically, a chef chooses the preparation method to prepare a dish, it can be a gas stove, an electric oven, or steamed or grilled. In any case, the choice will depend on the objective to be achieved and the circumstances surrounding the moment. Sometimes it is chosen for comfort; others to achieve concrete results; and others, simply, for personal tastes.

The same thing happens in the world of coffee, the different production methods offer different levels of difficulty and, logically, different results that will adapt to our circumstances, tastes and lifestyle.

For a few decades an innovative system has emerged that has absolutely revolutionized the world of coffee, this has been the capsule system, which could be defined as:

  • a support to make coffee in a unitary way: single dose or single dose.
  • a method to be able to make an espresso coffee that requires relatively cheap and accessible machinery.
  • an easy and simple system that allows you to make an espresso coffee at home, in our place of work or leisure

The coffee capsule: a system questioned by experts. And with some reason.

The first drawback arises from its capacity, the amount of coffee it contains is 5.5 grams. Depending on the variety of the bean, the roast and the amount of water, it could be a small amount to make an espresso coffee in perfect conditions. If this is so, how does the coffee industry get relatively satisfactory results from capsule espresso coffee? Through the following keys:

use of Robusta variety coffees (the cheapest on the market with a strong, bitter and astringent flavor)

  • excessive roasting that prioritizes the visual result over the rest of the organoleptic sensations of coffee (espresso coffee capsule shown in advertising usually has more than one finger of cream and a dark color, even adding milk.)

This results in coffees with body, cream and color, but totally burnt, with bitter flavors, aromas of burnt rubber and other similar ones, very astringent, with flat aromas, without positive nuances, aggressive on the palate and in the aftertaste. Without the natural acidity or sweetness typical of the quality of well-treated and roasted high-altitude Arabica coffees. For this reason, many experts affirm that quality coffee cannot be produced with this system.

How do we at Wolstton offer high-quality coffee in capsules?

In short, we do the opposite of the rest, adding the best Specialty Coffees and roasting them at their ideal point to take care of these origins.

  • The blend: it is not enough to use great origin coffees for the best result, we create blends in which each origin contributes the best to the mix. And so we create balance, extraction, roundness, regularity in the result and a unique and inimitable flavor and aromas. It is precisely this mixture that optimizes the result in the capsule.
  • The optimal roasting point: much lower than that applied by industrial manufacturers, which allows us to take maximum care of the result, pamper our coffee origins and offer a healthier option to our consumers. To do this, all you have to do is compare the roast color of the Wolstton coffee with that of the rest of the capsules on the market, ours is clearer and more natural, less forced.
  • The own parameters applied to the elaboration of the capsule, the result of our research: we cannot reveal all our created technology, but we can comment that one of the actions consists of adding a greater quantity of coffee in the capsules to improve said performance. The result can be easily observed by seeing that our coffee falls more slowly into the cup, it takes a few more seconds to brew, thus optimizing extraction.

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