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Aquenio café descafeinado
Wolstton Specialty Coffee

Decaffeinated coffee

Surely you know many decaffeinated coffees.

But none, honestly, none like Wolstton’s Aquenio.

What is caffeine? It is an alkaloid substance with a stimulating effect on the central nervous system, which exerts a psychoactive effect. Caffeine is also present in tea and other plants, but depending on its origin, it interacts differently with each one. That is the reason why we do not notice the same effect when we take it through coffee, tea, or kola nut.

At the organoleptic level, caffeine contributes bitterness, since it is one of the most bitter substances that exist in nature, which is why we ask ourselves the following question: is it possible to enjoy decaffeinated coffee like any other coffee? The answer is yes, as long as the coffee is of high quality and the caffeine extraction method is natural and safe.

A unique decaffeinated coffee

For this reason, to prepare our decaffeinated coffee we have searched among the best specialty coffees decaffeinated by natural methods: Swiss Water and Mountain Water Process.

These decaffeination methods are absolutely clean and sustainable in which no chemicals are used to extract caffeine, only pure water is added to remove 99.9% of the caffeine contained in a coffee.

The result is a clean and smooth coffee, very pleasant, with a slight acidity that invites us to enjoy all the flavor, elegance and complexity of Wolstton at any time.

In fact, Aquenio is the only decaffeinated blend that is made with Specialty Coffees from Ethiopia, Sumatra, Mexico, Guatemala and Brazil. In this way, Wolstton allows you to share and savor such a special drink whenever you want, even as the final touch to a perfect dinner with friends.


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