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Wolstton Specialty Coffee

Is Wolstton Coffee one of the Best Capsule Coffees?

Wolstton Coffee The long road to excellence

Second part of the previous article

The best coffee brands in Spain

To be one of the best coffee brands in Spain, you have to do an excellent job in the following points that we explain to you

-3 The roast

It is the key to the result, without an adequate roast we will not obtain what we want, it is the phase in which the green coffee or the seed of the plant is really transformed into coffee.

We can have the best coffees, but if we do not develop an optimal roast, the result will not be satisfactory. There are many roasting points, and each one will give us a result in terms of the organoleptic qualities of our coffees, if we roast the coffee very little we will accentuate its acidity, its herbaceous tones and some floral and fruity ones, but at the same time the coffee will lack the necessary extraction capacity to be able to give a satisfactory result, especially in espresso coffee, in capsules and in other preparations.

If we make a medium roast we will obtain a little more sweetness and we will gain a little in extraction, body and cream; and if we make a darker roast, the bitterness and astringency of the coffee will be accentuated, we will gain greater extraction and we will lose nuances and acidity. It is also noteworthy that the higher the roasting point, our coffee will be less healthy, losing properties and increasing substances that are harmful to the body.

At Wolstton Coffee we develop an optimal roasting point, very careful, healthy and smooth but balanced to obtain the best of each bean, taking care of the great origins that our coffee blends contain, gaining in capsule extraction capacity with a perfect result in body and cream but without forcing the roast. It is a very difficult balance to achieve, which we have reached thanks to our own technology and development, to a Know How that is the result of experience and knowledge.

-4 Our capsule format: Maximum innovation and results. “Capsule 10”.

Wolstton Café sells its coffee blends in coffee capsule format. For us, the highest quality and result of a great Specialty Coffee is not at odds with the capsule coffee format, on the contrary, at Wolstton Café we want to dignify this format, take advantage of its advantages and solve its disadvantages.

As advantages we can highlight that it is a comfortable, fast, clean, efficient system and in turn it has allowed many homes and companies to enjoy an espresso coffee at home, leisure and work place in a simple way, without any knowledge in coffee making and with enormous global diffusion.

One of the disadvantages of the coffee capsule, perhaps the fundamental one, is its low sustainability due to the low recycling capacity as it contains organic material such as coffee, mixed with the plastic and aluminum that make up the capsule, generating serious contamination problems. , since only a very low percentage of the capsules are properly recycled

At Wolstton cafés we have more than solved this problem by using the best and most advanced compostable coffee capsule that exists, which ensures us an optimal cup result, high conservation and the capacity of the used capsule to become completely compostable in a period of about 12 weeks.

Wolstton Coffee specialty coffee in capsules

The capsule coffee format, given its size, contains an amount of coffee that would be insufficient to make a good espresso coffee. To solve this problem, many industrial brands use robust coffees (low-end flavor and aroma but high-yield in body). and cream) and very high roasting points that increase the extraction capacity of the coffee, the body and the cream.Because of this, the capsule coffees that we usually find on the market are quite mediocre, made with low ranges of burnt coffees that further increase the bad taste, bitterness, destroy positive aromas, healthy qualities and provide substances that are harmful to the body.

At Wolstton Coffee we do the opposite of the rest: we use Specialty Coffees roasted at their optimum point, very carefully. The secret to obtaining a good result in capsules using Specialty Coffees lies in the mastery of preparing a perfect blend, developing the best roast and using proprietary technology that maximizes the optimum result in capsules.

If we have been able to take advantage of the coffee capsule and in turn turn its drawbacks into something positive for everyone, we can affirm that we have achieved the perfect capsule: “The 10 Capsule”


5 Innovation, R+D+i as a fundamental department of the company and own know-how applied in each step of the process.
To be able to offer a unique product in a coffee market that is so mature, developed, and with a huge number of competitors, many of them large multinationals, one must not aspire to be the biggest or the one that sells the most, but to be the best. For this we have developed our own manufacturing systems and we have sought alternatives to improve what is established in systems and processes that allows us to go where very few do. We have developed our own roasting, a development of unique coffee blends, a unique capsule production system, all aimed at obtaining a differentiating product. In our company, the Quality and R+D+i department is of the utmost importance.

At Wolstton Cafés we rely on a multidisciplinary team, which allows us to be at the forefront of innovation and development of new products and better and more sustainable concepts until now. thought given the limitations generated by standardized systems.

-6 The conceptualization of the blends
Wolstton Coffee offers a greater sophistication of products from different points of view thanks to the various conceptualizations with which we have created our coffees. Thanks to our team of professionals, we can address various disciplines that allow us to generate results directed towards a specific purpose, depending on our needs and mainly those of our clients. Organoleptic conceptualization: Wolstton Coffee Blends are expressed in terms of everything we can capture with our senses, in flavors and aromas that generate a taste profile that expresses the concept that interests us: from the softness and delicacy of Wolstton Kirati to express the concept of a coffee created for reflection, introspection and withdrawal; to the strength, dynamics and liveliness of Wolstton Henalu to express a contrary concept of dynamism, youth and spirit of adventure Gastronomic conceptualization: Another way of approaching Wolstton coffee blends from a gastronomic point of view, since they are directly linked to the concept of haute cuisine; blends conceived as a unique recipe, a method of preparation, coffees with personality, with names and surnames that express totally unique and differentiated gastronomic levels in the same way that a good wine does, or any sophisticated high-level dish. Blends generated even as a coffee menu that can be adapted to the taste of the customer or the menu in the same way as the rest of the components that are offered to us in a large restaurant.

-7 Sustainability
It is part of Wolstton’s DNA and is one of the fundamental pillars of each process and each step taken in pursuit of excellence.

From the sustainable nature of all Specialty Coffees, a condition typical of some coffees produced under natural and artisan conditions, free of contaminants and harmful agents; going through the specific organic origin of some of our coffees such as the Amazon, or in the entire process of growth and development of coffee plantations present in protected environments such as the Galapagos Islands or Nepal.

In the use of compostable materials in the capsule and the FSC certification of our packaging, from sustainably managed forests.

In the production processes: in the sustainable obtaining of the nitrogen used as a conservation gas for our coffee capsules and in the decaffeination processes of our Wolstton Aquenio blend

Sustainability conceived from Wolstton, in addition to an ecological concept, also implies economic and social sustainability. Our specialty coffees with highly valued products for which the farmer receives a fair price that contributes to the better development of the producing community, in addition, through the acquisition of certain coffees, we become part of programs to improve working conditions for women , management of orphanages and even health prevention as is the case of the program for early detection of breast cancer in Costa Rica Tarrazú.

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