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árboles para un café sostenible
Wolstton Specialty Coffee

Sustainable coffee by definition.

There is only one topic of conversation that we like as much as coffee: nature.

And we don’t just like to talk.

We tell you everything we do about it to get a sustainable coffee.

Sustainability and care for the environment is in our DNA. It is present in all the raw materials and in all the processes used to create the final product.

In the first place are the Specialty Coffees that are sustainable Coffees by nature and by definition.

From the cultivation itself, the plant, the inputs used and the personalized care of both the coffee plants and the environment.

Sustainable coffee blends

But also our blends Camanay, Kirati and Aquenio go a step further in some aspects.

In the case of Camanay, we wanted to promote the message of sustainable coffee through the use of an Amazonian coffee of extraordinary quality that comes from the Amazon region of Ecuador, specifically from an area previously deforested and currently recovered to produce this coffee from organic provenance.

At Wolstton Kirati, on the other hand, we have used coffee origins from the Galapagos Islands and Nepal. Two nature sanctuaries with unique environments that essentially represent sustainable cultivation within protected areas.

It is noteworthy that Wolstton’s characteristic in its blends of this first edition is the use of coffee from the Galapagos Islands in all its blends. The territory of the islands is protected through the Galapagos National Park and the Galapagos Marine Reserve, thus 95% of the biodiversity originally recorded in the archipelago has been conserved. It has thus become the first Natural Heritage of Humanity, Biosphere Reserve and Ramsar Site (Agreement that manages the conservation of wetlands)

And the decaffeination systems used in Aquenio are totally clean, innocuous and natural processes called Swiss Water and Water Mountain Process in which no chemical compounds are used for the extraction of caffeine, only pure water, in some cases from a mountain spring. . This water is subsequently returned to nature with the same degree of original purity.

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