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Wolstton Coffee is a journey through the most exotic places in the world. From the Galapagos Islands to Nepal, Ethiopia, Kenya, Hawaii, Brazil or Papua New Guinea. Through the most exceptional and exclusive coffee varieties that exist. A journey with exquisite aromas, eclectic blends and delicate and elegant roasts.

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Designation of origin

All Wolstton Coffee blends have coffee with Designation of Origin of the Galapagos Islands, a certification that recognises and protects the unique characteristics of one of the most exotic coffees on the planet: the volcanic soils and the crops that are nourished by the coexistence of plants and animals endemic to the archipelago.

On the other hand, the Denomination of Origin guarantees the naturalness of the production process and, in addition, offers a legal framework that guarantees an economically sustainable model for producers.

The Galapagos were declared a national park in 1959, protecting 97.5 per cent of the archipelago’s land area. In 1986 the sea surrounding the islands was declared a marine reserve. Unesco listed the Galapagos as a World Heritage Site in 1978, and in December 2001 this declaration was extended to include the marine reserve.

Due to its remarkable exceptionality, the archipelago has different international figures that have been applied to try to guarantee the conservation of Galapagos, among them: Natural World Heritage Reserve, Ramsar Site, Whale Sanctuary, Biosphere Reserve, etc. This exceptional nature is due to the fact that the list of endemic flora and fauna is unique in the world. From its famous turtles and lizards, through penguins, sea lions, rodents, to hundreds of plants and flora that only live in these lands. Like its genuine and amazing coffee beans, a rarity of nature.

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Galapagos Islands

The islands were formed five million years ago, they are truly “young”. And their volcanic activity (one of the most active in the world) is still expanding the archipelago. They were discovered by chance on 10 March 1535, when the ship of the bishop of Panama, Fray Tomás de Berlanga, was diverted from its destination in Peru. Since then they have been the subject of countless stories, legends and discoveries. A hideout for pirates. A stopover for explorers. An obligatory destination for scientific missions.

And, today, Historical Heritage and one of the most special natural enclaves on the planet.

Ocean Currents

Coffee beans from the Galapagos Islands are a “miracle of nature”. Their existence is explained by ocean currents, which cool the environment and convert the climatic conditions of low-lying tropical islands into an environment more suited to altitudes above 800-1,000 metres, optimal conditions for the growth of Arabica coffee.

This fact, together with the volcanic nature of the islands, and the richness of nutrients carried through the marine sediment by ocean currents, make this coffee a true rarity.

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Compostable Capsules

The capsules we use at Wolstton Coffee are not only biodegradable, but also compostable, which means that through a composting process, in about 12-14 weeks, they are transformed into a useful product: compost.

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