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Types of Coffee in Wolstton Capsules
Wolstton Specialty Coffee

Types of Coffee in Wolstton Capsules

Wolston Coffee Blends

The Best Coffees in the World?

At Wolstton Coffee we have wanted to go further with respect to the Coffee of the Galapagos Islands and we have created Blends, trying to be the Best Coffees in the World and in each one of them we relate one or two different characteristics of the Galapagos Islands.

1-Its biodiversity and ecological and social sustainability Wolstton Camanay
Blend from the Galapagos Islands with other origins that stand out for their ecological, economic and social sustainability: Café Amazónico from Ecuador, Costa Rica Tarrazú Honey from Coopetarrazú (Women’s Cooperative) and Ethiopian Yirgacheffe

Naturaleza para una cápsula sostenible


Sustainable Coffee Blends from the Galapagos Island2-The spirit of adventure Wolstton Henalu
Blend of Galapagos Islands with other origins also related to mythical beaches for surfing, adventure and connection with the environment stand out in the vividness of its characteristics: Hawaii Kona, Australia Skybury, Sumatra Mandheling

3-The Wolstton Kirati Nature Sanctuary
Blend created to highlight the environment and its global relationship of all the beings that compose it. Sanctuaries of nature that invite introspection and calm thanks to their subtlety: In addition to coffee from the Galapagos Islands, its blend has Coffee from Nepal from a foundation related to an orphanage.

4-The purity and authenticity of Wolstton Baltra coffee
Blend that represents the purity and essence of the Galapagos Islands to which we have only added a touch of Gesha grain that gives it originality. We highlight the rarity that our coffee represents and the miracle of nature that it represents thanks to factors that come together to generate something unique.

5-His universal relationship with the rest of the world Wolstton Mirovia
Blend of coffees with origins from the 5 continents, probably the only one in the world with this characteristic.

Kenya AA Top Massai, Sumatra Mandheling, Papua New Guinea and Isla de la Palma meet the Galapagos Islands in this cosmopolitan coffee in a remarkable balance.

It would be the greatest tribute to Darwin and his theory of evolution expressed in what unites us and in turn makes us different and unique.

In other posts we will talk in more depth about each of the Wolstton Blends

Antonio Minicozzi

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