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Wolstton Specialty Coffee

Wolstton Coffee: a unique capsule coffee

Wolstton is a capsule coffee.

However, it is not like any other capsule coffee.

We invite you to discover (and delight in) their differences.

In recent years, capsule coffee has been completely rediscovered.

What used to be a simple drink to which one added milk and sugar, today is enjoying a market eager to discover each of the thousands of nuances offered by a product with so many varieties and preparation possibilities. 

Arabica Coffees: the exclusivity of capsule coffee.

Currently there are hundreds of products that force us to rethink what “coffee” means. And Wolstton Coffee is one of the most exclusive and sophisticated brands doing this. Why? Simple: the Specialty Coffee with which Wolstton generates its blends comes from only 4% of world production, beans with exotic geographical origins of the Arabica variety. This means that almost certainly all the coffees you have tried correspond to the remaining 96%. But the fact that it is an exclusive and rare product is not the only thing that makes Wolstton an exclusive capsule coffee. What makes Wolstton so special is the extreme quality, the complexity of its elaboration and the superb sophistication of its result.

What is Wolstton Coffee capsule coffee like?

We tell you in detail the characteristics that make Wolstton Coffee capsule coffee a unique and exclusive coffee:

  • Visually: they have a color palette ranging from walnut to hazelnut, which denotes freshness and perfect roasting, as well as a smoothness full of flavors, typical of high-end drinks.
  • From its aromas: they range from the freshness of citrus or red fruits, to the penetrating spicy aroma, going through nuts and the appetizing caramel and chocolate aromas.

Far away are the smells of straw, cardboard, mold, coal or ash that commercial coffees present.

  • From its flavours: it is the sense in which Wolstton Coffee shows its full potential in each sip. A balance between sweet, salty, sour and bitter. Its structure, silky touch and volume make Wolstton Coffee last over time, with an aftertaste that matches its quality. Its flavor is a clear contrast to the bitter, astringent and strong coffees that anesthetize the palate, the result of roasted or highly roasted Robusta coffee beans.
  • From its roasting point: a crucial process for which we have developed an optimal, smoother and more careful roasting point. This allows us to obtain a healthier coffee, which takes care of the nuances of its origins, and thus be able to extract all the positive qualities of our Specialty Arabica coffees.

Simply put, Wolstton Coffee offers flavorful, smooth and distinct blends. An experience to enjoy calmly and deeply. Clean flavor, naturally sweet and perfumed. Different from the others with its own personality that cannot be classified in the same way as the rest of the coffees.

The first recommendation that we can make is that you enjoy your Wolstton coffee in the way that you most want, alone, long, short, with milk, combined, with sugar. We don’t want to limit your personal tastes! However, we offer you a couple of suggestions to enjoy your Wolstton Coffee:

  • If you take it alone, try it short to enhance its flavor.
  • If you take it sweet, try adding less sugar or sweetener than you normally use, because Wolstton Coffee doesn’t need it.
  • If you drink it with milk or cappuccino, try adding one part of coffee and two-three parts of milk, for us it is the way to achieve the perfect balance.

How do you drink your Wolstton Coffee? You can do it the way you like. But we recommend you to do so with the best company.

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