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Wolstton Specialty Coffee

Wolstton Coffee The long road to excellence

Specialty Coffee in Capsules

100% Specialty Coffee Blends

The world of coffee is extensive and diverse in an unimaginable way in all senses, due to the enormous number of producing countries, the different varieties of beans, origins, and even forms of preparation; and above all we can speak of the great differences in quality that can be offered.
It is curious to say this, but it is real: there is a greater difference in quality between the best and the worst coffee that can exist than between the best and the worst wine that we can imagine, and in this sense we can speak of wines that cost considerably less than one euro and others valued at several thousand.
In this sense, we can reach the conclusion that there is a long way to reach the maximum quality of coffee, to Excellence, and also that to reach it we have to carry out many actions and take many steps in a correct way or in a better way. If we think that there can be more than 20 different steps in the elaboration chain to obtain the best product, it is logical to conclude that it is not easy to reach excellence, which implies a long road of good decisions, knowledge and conviction.
Our objective at Wolstton Coffee is to achieve not only an excellent coffee, but above all a unique coffee.

What makes Wolstton Coffee unique?
For Wolstton, aspiring to perfection obliges us first and foremost to know the path that leads to obtaining the highest quality that can be offered, and our first conclusion is that this objective is achieved with the sum of a set of actions, concepts, products, technology, art and craftsmanship, and above all of a great team, it is a WHOLE, it is the union of many steps taken in the right direction and that we are going to try to unravel:
Almost everything that concerns Wolstton as a result of our effort, is in the product definition: we are 100% Blends of High Conceptualization Specialty Coffees.

Wolstton Coffee Café de Especialidad Café Único
Wolstton Coffee Specialty Coffee Unique Coffee

Let’s go through a Decalogue, starting with the first three, which summarizes what Wolstton stands for and what differentiates it from all the others:
-1 Specialty Coffees
Specialty coffee is a great concept, because it defines in itself the quality of the coffee, it establishes some norms and standards to indicate that we are in front of a high quality coffee, very careful in all its elaboration steps, from the plant to the cup, of low production and high sustainability.
As a definition, Specialty Coffees are those specialty coffees that have obtained a score of at least 80 points out of 100 in a cupping carried out by experts accredited by the Specialty Coffee Association International (SCA). To begin with, in their cupping process, they are accredited as Defect-Free coffees.
We establish that only 4% of the world production is considered Specialty coffees, in this way we are greatly reducing the coffees used by Wolstton and its exclusivity, but also from Wolstton all the coffees used are above 84 SCA points, so that we further reduce our exclusivity to much less than that 4% of specialty coffees.

-2 The Blend Concept
Our proposal is based on elaborating Blends with these Specialty Coffees, that is to say, in blending a series of really special origins to obtain something superior. The Blend of coffees fulfills its objective when the global result of said blend is superior to the separate result of the origins that compose it. It is about adding and obtaining something unique, new and superior.
Almost nobody makes 100% blends of Specialty Coffees, normally the market uses and offers more single varietals, therefore Wolstton is one of the very few brands that elaborate this type of blends.
To create an exclusive blend of Specialty Coffees requires a lot of knowledge and development capacity and with this, if we achieve our objective, we will obtain:
-Greater balance and roundness
-Greater complexity in nuances
-Greater regularity in the result and better results in the cup, especially in espresso coffee.
-And above all, we will have “CREATED” a unique and inimitable coffee with great possibilities of conceptualization.
We seek to get closer to the PERFECT COFFEE.
The result of each Wolstton blend would be like that of a symphony orchestra composed in turn by great soloists who interpret in each case, with each Blend, a different symphony.

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