Wolstton Specialty Coffee offers the most innovative option to enjoy Specialty Coffees in capsules. And it does so accompanied by the best coffee maker in the world:

The Morning Machine.

The capsule coffee maker, compatible with the Barista concept in its preparation, is designed to brew the finest specialty coffee in capsule form.


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It is of no use to have access to great Specialty Coffee capsules if we cannot brew them correctly. The Morning Machine enables the best coffees thanks to its outstanding and exclusive technical qualities:

Control Dial

A unique control system allows you to operate our coffee maker in the simplest and most intuitive way. Thanks to the DIAL and its interactive QLED screen, you can view various preparation options and customize temperature settings, pressure curve, cup size, pre-infusion, and all the parameters necessary for proper brewing.

It also features 10 pre-set recipes ready for preparation.


Professional Profiles

A precise algorithm selects the pressure and intervals for water to flow through the capsule, thus unlocking the outstanding flavors of our coffees through a variety of pressure profiles.

We understand that the best flavors and aromas concentrate at the beginning of extraction, which is why higher pressure is applied in those initial moments, extracting the best from each coffee and gradually reducing pressure in the final stages of preparation.

The result: a delicious coffee.


Maximum Water Control

Water, both its quantity and quality, is fundamental for preparing the best coffee. The integrated TDS meter (TDS = Total Dissolved Solids in water, mineral content, etc.) helps calibrate the water to optimal preparation levels. An individual and separate water spout, acting as a Bypass, dispenses clean water for crafting other beverage options: tea, coffee, instant coffee, drip bags, or even adding more water to our espresso (for long coffees and Americanos).


Loading Precision

The best and most perfect coffee brewing system should be based on weight rather than volume of production. As our coffee drips into the cup, a precision scale on the support base synchronizes with the coffee maker’s pump to calibrate the optimal production of the beverage.


Data Control

Even after coffee preparation, our coffee maker remains active, collecting temperature, weight, and TDS data, generating notifications that contribute to the longevity of the coffee maker and also provide insights into the brewing process for future updates.


"Bloom & Brew" is the special and distinctive formula of our coffee maker. By manipulating pressure profiles, we can create a pre-infusion of our capsule with a small amount of water. This, thanks to the prior moistening of the ground coffee, allows for a more accurate and uniform extraction."

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