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Wolstton Coffee is a brand that invites you to explore. To explore possibilities that until today were nonexistent. Our mission is to work with the best raw materials in the world, combine them and create unique products.

As in all creations, what we do at Wolstton Coffee has the passion and talent of works of art and the undisputed signature of experts who, with their knowledge and experience, make it possible to develop unique and extraordinary proposals.


Exclusive is that which is extraordinary, that which is within the reach of few. Exclusive implies experience, knowledge, effort, resources and wisdom. It is something that is in front of the eyes of those who know how to see it. And of those who know how to enjoy it. Wolstton Coffee is a brand created for lovers of the exclusive.


Wolstton Coffee creations have 3 essential aspects: the original blend of raw materials, the improvement of processes and the development of absolutely own versions. With these pillars we make every decision to ensure that each Wolstton Coffee proposal is truly unique and exquisite.


It is said that almost 70% of the earth is still unexplored. And in fact, 95% of the oceans are still unknown. It is this whole universe of the unknown that inspires us to keep searching for the exotic. Materials or products that exist in hidden places and that no one has used to create incomparable gastronomic experiences.


Since man has been man, the search for the distinguished, for what is best, has been a constant. It is fascinating to cross the line of the common and reach the side of the extraordinary. Offering flavors and experiences that have to do with the best of the best is another of the most particular attributes of the Wolstton Coffee brand.


Nothing we do makes sense if we cannot contextualize it in the future. The transcendence of human experience is innate and today that transcendence has to do with the sustainability of the planet, with ensuring that each of our steps leaves as little negative trace as possible. Wolstton Coffee was born to contribute in this sense with conviction and concrete actions in all areas.

“Here be Dragons”.

It is what ancient maps would say to describe any part of the world that has not yet been explored. For some, it served as a warning of potential dangers in the face of the unknown. For us, it was an opportunity.

Instead of finding dragons, we found coffee. The most exquisite coffee in the world.
The best and most exclusive coffee you will ever know.


Each Wolstton Coffee blend is a destination in itself.
A different look at the same journey, the same passion.
A unique selection of coffee and the experience of our coffee experts to create a variety of textures and aromas.

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