Here. Be. Galapagos.

Wolstton is a brand that invites you on a voyage of discovery. To explore hitherto non-existent possibilities. Our mission is to work with the best raw materials in the world, combining them to create unique products.

As with all creative processes, what we do at Wolstton involves the passion and the talent of works of art along with the unmistakable signature of experts, whose expertise and experience enable us to develop unique and extraordinary creations.

Exclusive Creations Sophisticated Sustainable Exotic


Exclusivity is all about the extraordinary, that which is out of reach for most people. Exclusivity requires experience, knowledge, effort, resources and wisdom. It is something that is only found if you know where to look for it. And how to enjoy it. Wolstton is a brand created for those who love exclusivity.


The Wolstton creations feature 3 essential elements: the original blend of raw materials, improvements in the processing and the development of our own unique versions.

We take these elements into account in every decision in order to guarantee that each product from Wolstton is something truly unique and exquisite.


It is said that almost 70% of the earth has yet to be explored. And, indeed, 95% of the oceans remain uncharted. This universe of the unknown is what inspires us to keep looking for the exotic. The materials or products that exist in remote areas and that have never been used before to create unparalleled gastronomic experiences.


Since mankind first evolved, human beings have always searched for things that are different and better. There is a fascination in going beyond normal boundaries and finding something extraordinary. Offering the absolute best of all possible tastes and experiences is another of the most distinctive attributes of the Wolstton brand.


Nothing about what we do makes sense if we are unable to place it within a future context. The transcendence of the human experience is innate and today that transcendence is all about the sustainability of the planet and ensuring that each one of our footsteps leaves the smallest possible trace. Wolstton was born to contribute to this approach with conviction and by taking tangible actions in every sphere of activity.

“Here be Dragons”.

It’s what ancient maps would say to describe any part of the world that has not yet been explored. For some, it served as a warning of the potential dangers of the unknown. For us, it was an opportunity

Instead of finding dragons, we found coffee. The most delicious in the world.

The best and most exclusive coffee you will ever try.


Here. Be. Flavour.

Each Wolstton blend is a destination in its own right.
A different perspective on the same journey and the same passion.
A unique selection of coffees and the experience of our coffee growers to create a variety of textures and aromas.

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