A responsible coffee

For Wolstton, sustainability is not only nature,

but also an economic and social concept. It is a responsible coffee.

For us, sustainability not only applies to the ecological sphere, but also to the economic and social ones. It is one of the reasons why we exclusively use Specialty Coffees: due to their recognized and accredited superior quality, these coffees have a much higher economic price, so that the farmer receives a higher and fairer price for his harvest, which which results in greater economic and social sustainability of the producing community itself.

Responsible and conscious coffee blends

In addition, in our Camanay blend we use a responsible coffee from Costa Rica Tarrazú, specifically from the Coopetarrazúm Cooperative made up exclusively of women entrepreneurs and workers who contribute to the economic and social improvement of the area through labor integration, training and prevention programs. health such as early detection of breast cancer.

For the elaboration of Wolstton Kirati we have selected origins of Coffee from the Galapagos Islands and Nepal. Two nature sanctuaries with unique environments that essentially represent sustainable cultivation within protected areas. And the profits from our particular origin of coffee from Nepal go towards running a Buddhist orphanage through the BIA Foundation.

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