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Galapagos Islands

16,00 34,32 

Blend composed of speciality coffees from the Galapagos Islands, Costa Rica and Amazonian. Inspired by environmental and social sustainability.


Environmental and social sustainability is the pillar of the concept behind this blend. Alongside the exceptional quality of the beans from the Galapagos Islands comes a coffee that originates in the Coopetarrazú cooperative of Costa Rica; an organisation that sets out to ensure the inclusion of women in the labour market. This blend also welcomes another high-quality coffee: the Amazonian, grown in the jungles of Ecuador, on areas that had previously suffered from illegal deforestation. Another key component is Black Honey coffee, a variety obtained through a special pulping, cleaning and drying process that results in a sweeter, more complex coffee.

Tasting notes

Seductive crema the colour of cinnamon with paler brindling.
Penetrating fruity aroma with woody notes.
Pleasant in the mouth, full structure, abundant acidity.
Serious and distinctively bitter finish, long-lasting.

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