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Kirati Galapagos Islands

18,00 36,00 (IVA inc.)

Blend compuesto por Cafés de Especialidad de las Islas Galápagos y Nepal. Created to stimulate our more spiritual and natural side.

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Kirati – 12 pods.
Kirati – 25 pods.




This blend is made up of beans from the Galapagos Islands and Nepal. Both varieties share the singularity of their origins: exotic lands and exceptional climatic conditions which produce unique coffees that are beyond compare, with elegant, unrivalled organoleptic characteristics. Inspired by the parsimony of the spiritual and the delicacy of nature, Kirati is an exaltation of subtlety and a sensory celebration of what is essential and pure.

Tasting notes

Brilliant crema the colour of walnut with paler stripes.
Subtle aroma with a toasted quality and spicy notes.
Sensual structure, harmonious acidity.
Long, elegant and sophisticated finish.