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Wolstton Collection Capsules

86,00 (IVA inc.)

Handcrafted wooden box containing 24 assorted capsules of our specialty coffees; Baltra Galapagos Islands, Kirati, Mirovia, Camanay, Aquenio and Henalu.

Wolstton Collections Capsules provide an excellent opportunity to explore the exquisite universe that surrounds all our exclusive specialty coffees. It’s a sensorial delight.

Size: 30x30x6 cm.


Description and contents:

Gift box elaborated in wood containing in turn:

24 Wolstton Coffee capsules of 6 g. compatible made of 100% compostable material:

-4 Wolstton Baltra capsules

-4 Wolstton Kirati capsules

-4 Wolstton Henalu capsules

-4 capsules of Wolstton Mirovia

-4 capsules of Wolstton Camanay

-4 Wolstton Aquenio capsules