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Aquenio Decaffeinated

18,00 36,00 (IVA inc.)

One of the most distinctive decaffeinated coffees ever created: composed of varieties from Ethiopia, Sumatra, Mexico, Guatemala and Brazil.

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Aquenio – 12 pods.
Aquenio – 25 pods.




Wolstton Aquenio is, quite possibly, one of the most distinctive decaffeinated coffees to have been created to date. First and foremost, it is the only decaffeinated coffee made from 5 premium varieties: Ethiopia, Sumatra, Mexico, Guatemala and Brazil. In addition to its composition, it is made using two natural processes to extract the caffeine: the Swiss Water and Mountain Water processes, neither of which use chemicals, instead relying solely on mountain spring water. These two features – the composition and the method of caffeine extraction – come together to form a blend with texture, body and flavour, with the quality of specialty coffees and the singularity of the Wolstton brand, but no caffeine.

Tasting notes

Enticing crema the colour of nutmeg with paler markings.
Singular herbaceous aroma with toasted quality.
Light in the mouth, the weight of coffee, striking acidity.
Balanced contrast between great citric acidity and perfect bitterness.