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Blend composed of speciality coffees from Sumatra, Australia, Hawaii and the Galapagos Islands. Born out of a passion for adventure and discovery.

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Henalu – 12 pods.
Henalu – 25 pods.




Henalu has been created from the youthfulness of the Wolstton brand. From our spirit of adventure, a passion for the new and a sense of harmony with nature. All these elements come together in a blend that encompasses coffee from places with the most legendary surfing beaches: Sumatra, Australia, Hawaii and the Galapagos Islands. The particular combination of these varieties results in a coffee that is both impulsive and intense, and that stimulates us to enjoy new sensations.

Tasting notes

Compact crema the colour of toasted almonds with paler streaks.
Intense aroma of pure cocoa with a notably citric finish.
Full flavour with high acidity and a base reminiscent of brownies.
Delicious and lasting finish with further sensations, fresh.